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Changzhou Shujia Composite Products Co.,Ltd. sited in Niutang Town, merely 180km from Shanghai and 5km from Changzhou city, enjoys advantageous conditions ,in geographic position and traffics.

It specially produces photodiffusion Lllumination sheets,ABS composite sheets and glass fiber chopped strand mats, which imported one ABS sheet production line to produce various colored ABS ,PE and HIPS sheets of a maximum width 1800mm and the sheets mainly include photodiffusion PMMA lampshade sheets ,refrigerator sheet, sanitary ware sheet refrigerated chest sheet, auto dash unit, corrugated sheet. It accepts processing accroding to customer'srequirements and reaches lines of glass fiber chopped strand mats and annually produces 5000 tons of mats at a width 1000mm/1270mm/2100mm and unit weigh 120g/m2,300 g/m2,450 g/m2 ,and 600 g/m2.The products sell well both home and abroad such as Southeast countries, Middle East, Europe and Africa countries and welcome by the users.
It will ceaselessly introduce latest technology, develop new products, improve product quality and meet the user's constantly variable demands. All friends of both home and abroad are welcome to make commercial discussion or technical exchange.
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