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Assembled Roving for Spray_up

128A is a E-glass roving designed for spray-up process. It istreated with a silane-based size and compatible with unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins. The product offers easy removal of air blisters, complete wetout, good moldability and no springback and is particularly suitable for application in largesize end products.

128A is typically used to produce GRP boat hulls, sanitary apparatus, storage tanks, pipes, automotive parts and cooling towers.

Product Features
1.Moderate wet-out and good compatibility with resins
2.Particularly designed for use on vertical surfaces
3.Good moldability, nospringback
4.Easy removal of air blisters

Example ER13-2400
Type of Glass E
Assembled Roving R
Filament Diameter,um 13
Linear Density,tex 2400??3000

Technical Parameters

Linear(%) Moisture Content (%) Size Content (%) Stiffness(mm) Net Weight(kg)
??0.15 1.15??0.15 130??20 17.0??0.5
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