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PMMS/ABS boads have been widely used in the sanitary ware industry in the European and American countries .Featuring hardness, abrasion proof, shock resistance, easy shaping and nice surface varnish due to combination of the shock resistant ABS and abrasion proof PMMA, the product is the best choice for substituting the conventional plastic molding boards.

Acrylboards that were used in the European and American sanitary ware industry, though reinforced with fiberglass reinforced plastics on the reverse side, are found imperfect due to their low shock resistance, susceptibility to crack and delamination .ABS boards are different in that they make use of the characteristics of high polymer chemical materials. By laminating one or two layers of PMMA materials onto one or two sides of the ABS materials, the board obtains its smooth finish, abrasion and shock resistance.

Product Features
1.Good shock resistance. Not susceptible to damage. Bending recoverable. Wont crack even by nailing. Known as plastic steel board.
2.No fiberglass for reinforcing roof, building body and washboard.
3.Good forming. It can be formed all kinds of bathtub shell and the colour will not be changed with the temperature while forming.
4.Perfect  wearability. The colour will not be dulled after long period.
5.Perfect wearability.The surface is glossy and wear resistance after several cleaning.
6.Perfect chemical resistance.
7.No toxicity to human body.

physical properties of ABS CompositeBoards

Property Property ASTM Typical Value 3 Method mm(Thickness)
Mechanical Property Specific Gravity D792 1.19
Tensile Strength D638 700kg/cm2
Flexural Strength D790 1170kg/cm2
Modulus of Elasticity 28000-35000kg/cm2
Compressive Strength D695 1200kg/cm2
Rockwell Hardness D785 M-100
Optical Property Refractive Index D542 1.49
Light Transmission Total D1003 93%
Thermal Property Forming Temperature Approx 150-180??
Deflection Temperature D648 95??
Vicar Softening Point D1525 120??(223??F)
Coefficient of Linear Thermal
Expansion (-18?? To 38?? Ave)
D696 5??10-5cm/cm/??
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity Cenco-Fitch 6??10-5cm/cm/??
Selfignition Temperature D1929 443??
Specific Heat 0.35??BTU/1bF??
Eletrical Property Volume Resistivity D257 1010ohm-cm
SurFace Resistivity D257 1015ohm-cm
Water Absorption D570 0.3

Properties of ABS Composite Board Compare to others

Item ABS Board Casting Board Item ABS Board Casting Board
Accuracy in Thickness High Low Chemical Resistance High Low
Cost Low High Slip-resistance Low High
Quality Good Bad FRP Reinforced Good Bad
Producttivity High Low Theram Conductivity Good Good
Rate of Forming High Low Rate of Finished products High Common
Gloss of Surface High Low Recycle Good Bad
Impact Strength High Low Specification According to
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